Library Programs

Environmental educators are available to visit your library and present environment and nature-themed stories and activities.  These can be tailored to your specific topics and needs.  Please contact us so we can arrange a visit!


We Speak For The Trees (45min-1hr)

Join us as we discover what it means to speak for the trees. During this interactive story time

our little learners will become a part of the timeless book, The Lorax. Afterward, they will get the

opportunity to create a special project that will allow them to plant some seeds of their own at


Featured Story: The Lorax

What Goes Bump In The Night (45min-1hr)

Soar into the amazing world of bats and birds through the beautifully written and illustrated book

Stellaluna. Stellaluna, a tenacious little bat, will teach students about the striking differences

between these amazing animals. Together we will use our senses to explore feathers, real

animal specimens, and houses for both bats and birds.

Featured Story: Stellaluna

Splashy, Flashy, Frogs (45min-1hr)

Splashy, Flashy Frogs! dives into the fabulous (and sometimes noisy) world of frogs. Students

will join us as we trek through the swamp in search of the noisy, little peeper. Then, we’ll create

a frog “chorus” and end with a fun activity to help us learn about the difference between toads

and frogs.

Featured Story: Possum and the Peeper

All Through Africa (45min-1hr)

A Journey through Africa takes children on a “tour” through the African desert, savanna and

tropical rainforest, while exploring the legend of how the animals of Africa came to be so

beautiful. Learn to count in Swahili, create a thundering rain storm, and explore a great folktale

that originated in Africa.

Featured Story: The Greedy Zebra

Hides, Holes, and Animal Homes (45min-1hr)

Have you ever been on a walk through the woods and wondered what lives in the tree, or that

cave? During this hour-long program you will learn about the many fascinating Minnesota

animal homes and why it is important to keep their homes safe.

Featured Story: Welcome Home, Bear

Our Warming Planet (45min-1hr)

Our world is always changing. Look out your window long enough, and you might see the

weather change. Look even longer, and you'll see the seasons change. The Earth's climate is

changing, too, but in ways that you can't easily see. The Earth is getting warmer because

people are adding heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere, mainly by burning fossil fuels. In this

program learn what you can do in your own home to help our warming planet!

Featured Story: Last Little Polar Bear