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Dune Activities and Hike | Lookout Point Hike | Geocaching | Animal Signs Search | Sensory Hike | Sandhill River Stream Study | Natural Communities Study

Dune Activities and Hike (1.25 - 1.5 Hours)

Students hike to discover and explore Sand Dunes, one of the unique natural features of the Fertile Sand Hills, including a special interest study at Death Valley 1, an actively shifting sand dune.

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Lookout Point Hike (45 Minutes)

Learners will participate in a recreational and observational hike to the scenic overview of the Sand Hill river valley.

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Geocaching (1.5 - 3 Hours)

Ahoy, mates…let the treasure hunting begin!  Join the international game called Geocaching!  Learn to use GPS technology to find treasures, or geocaches, which have been hidden in the Sand Hills.  Jot your experiences in a log book, then check out the loot. But remember, if you take something from the geocache,  you have to replace it with something for the next person to find…or walk the plank! (For more information, see geocaching.)

Items to Bring: When participating in this activity, each class should bring one or two small items to place in a geocache box.  Sample items might include a class picture, a writing project, an item showing your school mascot, or a favorite book. Be original!  Try to add something to the geocache that is unique and will be fun for the next group to find.

To learn the coordinates of geocaches in the Sand Hills (and in your area) visit

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Searching for Animal Signs (45 Minutes - 1 Hour)

Explore and discover the wonderful world of animals. Learners participate in a nature hike to search for the seven basic signs of an animal's presence.... tracks and trails, body parts, territory markings, sounds and smells, scat, eat marks or signs, and homes.


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Fine Tuning the Senses (45 Minutes - 1 Hour)

Activities encourage learners to sense more of the natural world using their eyes, ears, nose and their hands. Learners participate in a blindfolded hike along the "Helen Keller" rope trail.

Items to Bring: Each student should bring an empty (12 count, not 18 count) egg carton in which to collect items during this hike.

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Sand Hill River Stream Study (45 Minutes)

Students sample the riffles and pools of the Sand Hill River for aquatic life.

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Natural Communities Study (1.25 - 1.5 Hours)

Can be done in conjunction with Dune Activities Hike

Explore the natural communities of the river, forest, prairie, and savanna.  Amazingly, these four ecosystems are within a few minutes’ walk from one and other.  Learn to identify conditions, plants, and animals of these environments.  Explore the river’s physical and biological aspects as well as the nearby forest in the river valley.

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